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Vampyre DVD
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Meet Christopher Collins...he's the new boy at school. You may think he's a little odd, wearing those sunglasses all the time, keeping his hands so obsessively clean and tucked away, but don't worry. He won't bite. He uses knives and scalpels instead.
The project that stretched for "a painful lifetime" (according to Harris), this full blown intended theatrical release remains the centerpiece of the DARKAGE PICTURES catalogue. A rough cut clocking in at just under 45 minutes was shown on Halloween of 1999 to an enthusiastic sold out crowd in his native town, but budgeting, technical maladay, and internal crew problems shelved it for nearly four more years. During that time, a few extra scenes and extended ending were filmed to add length, and interegrated in for the final version.
The inspiration for VAMPYRE was due to Sean's own struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, an ailment he was diagnosed with at 14 years of age. Wanting originally to do a half hour black and white experimental film, the concept grew and grew as he wrote away and kept adding pieces. The first draft was very different than the version that came to be shot, as it centered on a real vampire cursed with the same mental illness, but was later dropped for an even more human connection about a murderous boy ruled by his phobias.
The movie was literally shot three different times with different casts. Actor flakiness and ego's lead to dropped work mid-production in late 1996, which would happen again with a second group within the following year. Finally, with an ensemble culled from the successful '97 KILLER III side venture, the last attempt at getting it intact began just before the 1998 holidays.
Cast & Crew
Christopher Collins     Joe Aldana
Rachael Stratton Schea Statham
Lisa Colleen Zarkowski
Robby Kodi Greenwood
Detective Stratton Kent Wallace
Coroner Marco McClean
Kessler David Gill
Eric Mikael Haye
Sandra Ashley Holden
Mr. Grantham Don Cruser
Naked Victim Michelle Jones
Live Victim Lydia Kitahara
E.M.T. Morgan Daniel
Father Burke Davis
Mother Gina O'Feral
Young Christopher Alex Chamberlain
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